07 August 2009

Shoeless Baby Gets Shooed Out

No matter how old you are, you better wear shoes to the Burger King in Sunset Hills, Missouri. On Sunday, a woman, her mother, and her 6 month-old baby stopped in to Burger King for a quick meal. They were told to leave because the 6 month-old didn't have shoes on. A 6 month-old. Who can't walk and probably can't crawl and likely has cleaner feet than anyone reading this blog post. Unreal. Eventually somebody from Burger King called and apologized, and the over-zealous workers had to undergo some sort of training to help them decide on whom to enforce this rule. Or something. D'oh!

H/T to the AP and about 50 zillion other news organs that picked the story up.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard about that one on the news last night. What were they thinking! Great publicity for the chain.

Nathan said...

I saw this story this morning with a link to CNN coverage about it. The anchor told the basic story about what happened, and then they brought on some other guy who was going to presumably describe some mitigating circumstances that might have excused the manager's decision.

When he got on (and I'm paraphrasing), he basically said, "I've got nothing. That manager is an idiot."