22 June 2009

The AC guy is here -- could the heavens open and angels start to sing?

The AC repairman arrived about 10-15 minutes ago. He turned on the AC from the thermostat (we turned it off last night). The damn thing started right up and began to blow cold air. I could have kicked it. But thankfully he stuck around to make sure it kept running. While he was outside looking at the outside unit, the inside part crapped out (it took about 5 minutes). Now he is in there making grumpy, sighing sorts of noises.

I am in hopes that it will be fixed today.
Updated 2:45 pm

It works, it works!!! Forget the repairman singing -- I'm singing. This time it was a capacitor or a thingamajig or a hooziwhatsis. At this point, I don't care, because it works.


vince said...

If he starts to sing happy songs and has huge smile on his face, then start to worry. That means it's gonna cost you BIG bucks, and most of it will be labor. Which is where the real money is made by us techs.

allrelated said...

Yay for cold air! And not sleeping on the basement couch :)