10 May 2009

A journey of epic proportions

My brother flew in on Friday from LA, which is always an event in my household. ThePinkThing adores her Uncle Danny and would be happy to throw over her parents to move in with him. Every day for the week prior to his arrival, we counted down the days ("4 days until Uncle Danny...").

I picked him up at Dulles Airport, even though I felt as if I had been run over by a large camper. Thankfully, not only was his flight on time, but his luggage arrived. The cell phone lot at Dulles airport is a godsend -- I just sat in my car reading a book (and blowing my nose) until he called me say he was ready. It took me all of 5 minutes to get to the terminal from the lot. We came home to my house, and I tried to nap, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Then we got a call from TheHusband and had to deal with a
bike-problem. Bike problem, you ask? Yup, a bike problem. You see, last week my brother shipped his bike here from LA, because he is bicycling back home. Yes, he will be bicycling across the country, beginning at my house, and ending (hopefully) at his.

I am amazed and awed, and (of course) a little nervous, as any older sister should be. I even bought him a useful gadget for the trip -- a
solar powered phone charger, which will allow him to more easily remain in contact with the family. He has promised to text me his location fairly frequently (every day?), and I may post maps of his progress on his blog. TheHusband I promised him that he can call on us for anything (hospital, broken bike, jail, etc) east of the Mississippi. His partner is responsible for any problem west of the Mississippi. I may even fly out to Somewhere, Kansas to meet up with him, providing he can give me enough notice and we can plan appropriately around a rest day.

I can't wait to hear all the stories and see his pictures. And I am proud of him.

If you wish to follow his journey, you can find it at Handlebar Confessional...


vince said...

You're a good sister,m and that's pretty impressive that he's going to bike across the country. That's not something I'd attempt myself.

Keep us up-to-date if you can. It'll be interesting to follow his trip.

Anonymous said...

Cousins of mine did the cross-country bike ride a few years ago. They did it west to east. One of them kept a photo blog as they went so everyone could keep track. It was fun.

Hope your brother manages to finish it, and enjoys the ride.

allrelated said...

Oh, my. What is the reason for the longggggg bike ride? Has Danny always been a bike enthusiast, or is it to see the country? Will Don join him for part of it, or is it going to be completely solo?

Since reading fast is my main exercise (g), I shudder to contemplate such a trip.

Best wishes to him on his journey; I'll keep him in my thoughts for a peaceful, interesting, and successful trip home.

MWT said...

Sounds awesome. ;)

I'd like to do cross-country traveling someday, but it'd have to be a roadtrip with a car. There's no way I could do that with a bike.

Have either of you read Memory of Running by Ron McLarty?