04 May 2009

Seattle and Whistler

So here are some pics from my recent sojourn to the Left Coast. I got to meet Jeri in Real Life (which was fab), and I have proof. She called me tiny (for which I will forever love her)!

I might be short, but I ain't tiny! :-)

This was the sunset (yes, a sunset in Seattle!) taken from the dock outside the restaurant where Jeri and I ate dinner the first time. She ate oysters. I didn't.

It only rained once the whole time I was there.

These photos were taken in Whistler Village, BC. Instead of doing the touristy thing in Vancouver, we decided to drive to Whistler, because it is a nice drive, and TheHusband likes to drive. I even managed to stay awake almost the whole time, which is unusual for me. The skiing and sliding events in the 2010 Winter Olympics will take place at Whistler. It will be odd to see these places on TV with tons more people...

Notice the difference in behavior. I am normal. He is not. :-P

Here I am looking surprisingly pleasant waiting to cross the border back into the States. It took about 3 minutes to cross into Canada on Wed afternoon and over an hour to cross back around noon on Fri
. However, the overhead sign had said 90 minutes, so we felt like we had lucked out.

Yes, it really happened. I went to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle and neither fainted nor puked from fear. Those of you who know me well, know that I have acrophobia -- I am afraid of heights. I understand rationally that the building (walkway, bridge, dam, etc) will not fall down (crash to the earth, break suddenly into pieces) with me on it. Yes, the rational part of my brain understands this perfectly well. However, my hindbrain takes over, and I hyperventilate. And get freaked. But I knew TheHusband would love eating in the sky. So I went (I kept my eyes shut as we were going up in the elevator). And Jeri will attest that I behaved in a quite mannerly fashion. No fainting, puking, or freaking out. I just sat the furthest away from the window and pretended that we were 3 feet off the ground. And it helped that the food was excellent.

Mt. Ranier was really impressive. I want to go visit it someday. They just don't have brooding mountains like that in the DC area....


Jim Wright said...

Awesome pictures, doc.

and, I have got to dig through some old Corry Station photos. I know I've got one with TheHusband in it.

mattw said...

Nice photos. Sounds like a nice trip.

Guess you wouldn't want to go up to the Sky Deck at the Sears Tower huh?

neurondoc said...

The Sears Tower would be more than I could handle. In fact, when we were in NYC a couple months ago, I bagged on the Empire State Building (although I had a great excuse -- that's when I met up with Nathan).

Jim, TheHusband tore apart the basement looking for a picture that he swears has you in it. He still hasn't found it but remains hopeful.

allrelated said...

Great pictures! And, sharing your extreme acrophobia, I am amazed that you were even able to eat! My car does not operate in a parking garage above the third floor. Because I know that if I tried it, the accelerator would engage by itself, sending the vehicle straight out through the barricade - which is never high enough...