01 November 2009

Dear Good Friend who is a Giants fan (you know who you are),

I may not be a football fan, but even I know that the Giants got shellacked today. By the Eagles, no less. Good thing we didn't come up to visit this weekend, or I might have had to dodge thrown objects.

Also, good thing that we've been friends for so long, because I am sure I'll pay for this blog post at some point.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Good Friend who is sort-of-an-Eagles-fan-when-they-are-winning-but usually-could-care-less-and-who only-mentions-them-when-they-beat-the Giants-once-in-a-blue-moon: When the Eagles win three Super Bowls during a twenty-year period (winning the greatest game in the history of the Super Bowl, no less) and appear in a fourth during that same period, please give me a call so we can compare the respective teams.