22 November 2009

Early morning emergency (including crying)

(Scene: 7:20 am, my bedroom, TheHusband and I asleep.)

ThePinkThing (standing at TH's side of the bed): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
TheHusband: Wuh. Huh?
TPT: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
TH: Whassa matter? What's wrong?
TPT: You ate my Halloween candy!!
TH (brain clearly still gummy): I only ate 3 pieces.
TPT: That was MY candy. And you ate more than that. You ate like 50 pieces.
TH: No, I didn't eat 50 pieces of your Halloween candy. I ate a few pieces last night.
TPT: Waaah! That's my candy, not yours.
TH: Okay, I won't eat anymore of your Halloween candy.


TPT: Will you turn on The Magic School Bus for me?

(pause while TH goes downstairs then returns)

TH: Do you know that she found and looked in the random bag that I hid the candy wrappers? How the heck did she find that? And it's not like she'd have eaten the Almond Joys anyway...

--For a change, there was a household emergency that did not involve me.--


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Zee candy, eet eez stolen? Queek! We must investigate zees crime!

Dr. Phil

Eric said...

Round up the usual suspects!



Anonymous said...

I always made a bargain with the boys as soon as possible after they got home. I got to pick some relatively small number of pieces of candy from their piles of loot. Once having done that, as long as I didn't pick any of their favourites, they didn't miss any other secret snitching from the bags! Heck, they never completely finished the stuff off. We'd always throw out whatever was left by Christmas.

TheHusband said...

Confession of my sin:

..and I would have succeeded too if not for my meddling kid!

For the record, I ate 6 pieces of her precious Halloween candy:

1. Kit Kat (fun size)
1. Roll of smarties (U.S.-type not UK)
1. Life Saver (cherry flavor)
1. Watermelon Blow Pop
2. Almond Joy's (fun size)

So yes, I did 100% eat some of my daughter's halloween treats. Most of which she would never have wanted anyway.

Being lazy, I "hid" all the evidence in pharmacy bag and covered it with some papers which were sitting on the coffee table.

Later that morning she "offered me a deal". Said I could have one kit kat without asking once a week and can NEVER have any Reese's because she is very sure that there were alot more in there than there are now and she never gets to eat them because I must have eaten them first.

I took the deal!

TPT: future prosecutor?

Anonymous said...

TH: Sounds like a good deal. And you'd better keep an eye on that daughter of yours. She drives a tough bargain!

neurondoc said...

TPT is correct about the Reese's -- TH didn't mention that it is TRUE that there were lots more in her bucket -- eaten by him. I am totally innocent; any of her Halloween candy that I ate was freely offered to me by TPT. Because I am the good (read "not sneaky") parent.

mattw said...

I think TH did TPT a favor because Smarties can hardly be considered candy.

N'il said...

you can never pull a fast one over a kid about Halloween candy. And particularly your kid. Too many smart genes.

Anonymous said...

My husband always tried to get as many of the Smarties boxes as you can. He said, in justification, "You are what you eat." (Note, he also likes Flake bars! *g*)