29 November 2009

More RED

This year's plans for Thanksgiving were completely bollixed up by the back surgery I had earlier this month. My extended family gets together every 3rd year, so we have begun to go to my in-laws for Turkey Day the other two years. This year would have been the 2nd in a row spent with my in-laws, which they did not mind in the least. Unfortunately, I was unable to handle that long of a car ride, and I was not quite well enough to be left here by myself. So we had to cancel our plans. TheHusband and ThePinkThing went to local extended family, and a friend came over and spent the afternoon with me. It worked out beautifully. TPT played with her 4 year-old cousin, TH had some adult conversation, and I had a completely relaxing and uncomplicated Turkey Day with a friend. I wish, in a way, that all of my Thanksgiving holidays were that relaxed.

But even though I have basically gone through hell during my hospitalization, I felt like TheHusband really deserved something special because he's had to deal with me in all my emotionally freaky glory these past 3 weeks.

So I arranged for a delivery of RED. RED? you ask. Yes, RED. RED soda -- that cheap stuff that TH loves, that can only be found in the Cleveland Ohio area -- Cotton Club's Cherry Strawberry soda. One of my coworkers went home to the Cleveland area for Thanksgiving, and I arranged for him to bring back some of it. It turns out that he brought back a whole boatload of the stuff. Here you see the haul -- the product of a visit to 2 different stores. Please note that one can is missing. It's already been opened, sampled, finished, and found very acceptable. I'm betting that ten 2 liter bottles and 48 cans last about a month and a half.

Many thanks to my coworker (who even refused payment). I may have to take him out for sushi in compensation (mmm, sushi). Once I am up and about.

I really have great coworkers...


Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

That's the kind of a gift which cannot be duplicated by simple mall sales. (grin)

Dr. Phil

Janiece said...

Your co-worker is indeed the BOMB. As is The Husband, for taking such good care of you and TPT during this time.

TheHusband said...

Mmmmm Red pop, all this reading about it has made me thirsty.


Should I walk up the 8 steps from the basement, then the 10 foot or so meander to where this glorious bounty is sitting.


Should I just lazily open this can of root beer that is sitting on my desk?

Life really is fraught with constant choices!

N'il said...

Timmy is so good to you and TH.

MWT said...

Yay red! :)

I used to do the same with Squirt, which is a non-caffeinated citrus drink that's supposed to be grapefruit flavored but really is just canned refreshingness in hot weather. Lately a few grocery stores around here have started selling it, so hooray! :)

Lorraine said...

Wow. What a GREAT co-worker! And what a great wife to reward TH so well :)

The only thing that is missing from his reward is hot Del Taco provender...

Glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving!