15 September 2009

The other white meat

My house at lunchtime the other day:

TheHusband: What do you want for lunch?
ThePinkThing: Pancakes.
TH: We don't have any [frozen] pancakes, and I can't make them.
TPT: Then I want waffles.
TH: We're out of waffles, too. How about turkey?
TPT: I don't like turkey. (Odd, since she loved turkey just a couple of weeks ago)
TH: Ummm... (thinks it over) How about this white ham that Mommy bought the other day?
TPT: White ham?
TH: Yes. She bought it with the other ham when we were at Great Wolf Lodge.
TPT: Okay.

Eats lunch.

TH: Did you like the white ham?
TPT: Yes, it was really yummy. But isn't white ham, Daddy. It's really light pink ham. Mommy should buy it again.

Please note that the "white ham" which TPT is referring to was Sara Lee Pre-Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. TheHusband won that round handily. And I never could've gotten away with it.

Sometimes it concerns me that I have a husband who can lie convincingly at any given moment...


Janiece said...

Just buy it again, Mommy.

ntsc said...

Just spent a three day weekend with an 8 year old boy. I think he lived on watermelon rind pickles.

Claudia said...

I made my boys love fish by telling them it was shark. I made a big production about it and every time I served fish, I'd wonder loudly what kind of shark it was this time - hammer head, great white, etc. The kids loved it, and loved the fish (which were various sorts of white fish, whatever was on sale that day).

They do know by now that they are eating simple white fish. But they still call it "shark". Startles visitors sometimes but, you know - whatever works.

(Didn't work with salmon, though. Too bad.)

neurondoc said...

Heh. They were a bit horrified when TPT ate sushi. We should've told them it was shark...

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Mmmm, tasty dolphin. Suppose it was Flipper? Or Queenie?


Dr. Phil