06 June 2011

The placebo effect is alive and well

I'm back on Lovenox for a short time, ahead of some minor surgery tomorrow. ThePinkThing wanted to watch me give myself the injection this morning. (Either a ghoul or a future doctor...). She came in to observe after I'd cleaned the area with the alcohol pad but before I stabbed myself. She watched critically and carefully.

Here is a reasonable approximation of our post-injection interaction:
ND: "Ouch. That does hurt a bit." (It doesn't hurt while I inject. It burns for about 15 minutes afterwards, though.)
TPT: "Why don't you use the white square? When Dr. Victor uses the white square on my arm before he gives me a shot, it doesn't hurt."
ND: "You missed it. I did use the white square."
TPT: "Then how come it hurts you?"
ND (thinking quickly): "Because the shots I'm taking are different medicine from the ones Dr. Victor gives you."
TPT (thinks carefully): "Okay... Mommy, can I give you the shot tonight? Maybe it won't hurt if I give it."
ND (practically flinching at the thought of my 8 year-old sticking a needle in me...): "Ummm... you can help me push the plunger, but I have to stick the needle in."

Just in case you hadn't figured it out -- the "white square" TPT is referring to is the alcohol pad. I'll let her think that the white square magically makes an injection not hurt for as long as I can...