30 November 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. I am taking the time to wish her a happy natal day, at least in part because if she weren't here, I wouldn't be. :-)

Thanks for being my help when I needed you, especially earlier this month when I was in hospital.

Have a happy day, and many more!

29 November 2009

More RED

This year's plans for Thanksgiving were completely bollixed up by the back surgery I had earlier this month. My extended family gets together every 3rd year, so we have begun to go to my in-laws for Turkey Day the other two years. This year would have been the 2nd in a row spent with my in-laws, which they did not mind in the least. Unfortunately, I was unable to handle that long of a car ride, and I was not quite well enough to be left here by myself. So we had to cancel our plans. TheHusband and ThePinkThing went to local extended family, and a friend came over and spent the afternoon with me. It worked out beautifully. TPT played with her 4 year-old cousin, TH had some adult conversation, and I had a completely relaxing and uncomplicated Turkey Day with a friend. I wish, in a way, that all of my Thanksgiving holidays were that relaxed.

But even though I have basically gone through hell during my hospitalization, I felt like TheHusband really deserved something special because he's had to deal with me in all my emotionally freaky glory these past 3 weeks.

So I arranged for a delivery of RED. RED? you ask. Yes, RED. RED soda -- that cheap stuff that TH loves, that can only be found in the Cleveland Ohio area -- Cotton Club's Cherry Strawberry soda. One of my coworkers went home to the Cleveland area for Thanksgiving, and I arranged for him to bring back some of it. It turns out that he brought back a whole boatload of the stuff. Here you see the haul -- the product of a visit to 2 different stores. Please note that one can is missing. It's already been opened, sampled, finished, and found very acceptable. I'm betting that ten 2 liter bottles and 48 cans last about a month and a half.

Many thanks to my coworker (who even refused payment). I may have to take him out for sushi in compensation (mmm, sushi). Once I am up and about.

I really have great coworkers...

22 November 2009

Early morning emergency (including crying)

(Scene: 7:20 am, my bedroom, TheHusband and I asleep.)

ThePinkThing (standing at TH's side of the bed): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
TheHusband: Wuh. Huh?
TPT: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
TH: Whassa matter? What's wrong?
TPT: You ate my Halloween candy!!
TH (brain clearly still gummy): I only ate 3 pieces.
TPT: That was MY candy. And you ate more than that. You ate like 50 pieces.
TH: No, I didn't eat 50 pieces of your Halloween candy. I ate a few pieces last night.
TPT: Waaah! That's my candy, not yours.
TH: Okay, I won't eat anymore of your Halloween candy.


TPT: Will you turn on The Magic School Bus for me?

(pause while TH goes downstairs then returns)

TH: Do you know that she found and looked in the random bag that I hid the candy wrappers? How the heck did she find that? And it's not like she'd have eaten the Almond Joys anyway...

--For a change, there was a household emergency that did not involve me.--

18 November 2009


I am finally home after a two week-long stay in the hospital (it was supposed to be 4 or 5 days). I will likely post a summary of my hospital experience, although I think I need to get a bit physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger first.

To those of you who sent good wishes, emails, texts (especially the ones about muppet fornication), flowers, and/or called me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all made an incredibly rough and sometimes scary two weeks more tolerable.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

08 November 2009

Hepped Up on Goofballs!

Hello all,

Here I am hepped-up on goof balls during post-op day four.

Just a note to let you all know I am doing better now that I am VERY medicated and will hopefully be moving to in-patient rehab soon. I will probably remain in the hospital for at least another week but I am making slow and steady progress.

Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, sent wishes. These things have really helped me mentally and have improved my mood greatly. I will try and stay in touch through the web but I literally can only stay awake and aware for very brief periods of time.

Todays post is only possible via TheHusband who is typing this out. In fact I may nod off and some additional statements may be made without my knowledge or consent. Good thing I like him.

My husband is the most wonderful, kind-hearted, good looking, smartest A1 tip-top terrific person on the face of the planet! I worship the ground he walks on and will always follow his requests and wishes unquestionably!

04 November 2009

In the holding pen

Just sitting here in the pre-op waiting room, hooked up to IV's.

Will be taken back for surgery in about 15 minutes, am hoping to wake up about 3 hours later having no memory of the time passing.

To my fellow UCFers, I have declined ALL of your suggested implants as has the staff here at the hospital for some reason.

Will see you all tomorrow, while on drugs

01 November 2009

Dear Good Friend who is a Giants fan (you know who you are),

I may not be a football fan, but even I know that the Giants got shellacked today. By the Eagles, no less. Good thing we didn't come up to visit this weekend, or I might have had to dodge thrown objects.

Also, good thing that we've been friends for so long, because I am sure I'll pay for this blog post at some point.