17 January 2010

Almost unspeakably crappy day for a friend

You know, there are times that I just have to be thankful that I have a roof over my head. A friend of mine today lost his. His roof, the rest of his house and his pets, actually, in a fire. Apparently the fire occurred while he and his family were at church, and no human lives were lost. It is unclear if the place is a total loss, what can be salvaged, what his family has beyond the clothes on their backs. Shawn and his family are in my thoughts tonight. If you are interested in helping, you can go here and chip in to help them out.

I am off to burn copies of all of my digital pictures and send the discs to my mom in NJ. Just in case.


ExpatMom said...

It's really weird because I dreamed last night that our house burnt down. I woke up with a plan to make yet more backups of my pictures and documents and store them with my parents...

Syntropodic bridge at work again.

neurondoc said...

And just the night before we had a conversation with my aunt and uncle about how he should have all of his work files backed up outside of their home, just in case of a fire or flood.

Instead of burning them onto DVD's, I am going to buy a cheap external hard drive, copy them over, and send that to my mom.

The syntropodic bridge strikes yet again. Now we just need to both win lotteries and things will be all set.

Lorraine said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's tremendous loss.

The backup source I use is Mozy Home.