12 August 2011

A Fork (but not in the road)

Conversation with ThePinkThing last night at a restaurant:
TPT: How come this fork has only 3 points?
Me: Some forks only have 3. It's how they're made, and the points are called tines.
TPT: But that's not right. They're *supposed* to have 4 points.
Me: Really? Why do you think that?
TPT: That's why they're called forks. Right?

So after a brief silence then some hysterical laughter, we all decided that forks with 3 tines should really be called "threeks".

The logic of an eight year-old is very interesting, isn't it?


Eric said...

She's... she's absolutely right!

Nathan said...

That totally took me a minute.

And...what Eric said.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Good for her. You have a bright girl there, not that this should be any surprise, looking at her parents!

Phiala said...

I've been calling them threeks for years. More than eight, for sure. :)

Ask her about the two-pronged ones sometime (the ancestral form).