08 November 2011

Fair winds and following seas

I am a proud member of an internet group called the UCF. While I have not met all of my fellow-members In Real Life, I've shared my thoughts, tragedies, and joy with them. These friends have supported me when I've been sick or sad, and I've been there for them in like situations. Most of us have been able to meet up with at least one other member of the group, thereby strengthening our ties.

Sadly, a member of this group passed away over the weekend. Wendy was witty, funny, wry, and fun. She is the older sister of a younger brother, something I shared with her, and it showed. I had the pleasure of visiting with her in Real Life, when she was in the DC area a couple of years ago. We spent an evening talking, laughing, confessing, teasing, and flat-out enjoying ourselves. We were both especially pleased to meet a fellow short trollop. I will treasure the memory of that evening.

Farewell and safe travels on your journey, dear friend. You will be missed.

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