10 November 2012

Stinkily Evil Mother?

I let my kid eat something that was pretty much the most horrifying thing I'd ever eaten. Does that make me a bad mother?

I have a friend, John the Scientist, who is (perhaps pathologically) interested in (and/or entertained by) exposing his friends to "food" that is just barely on the correct side of edible. Seriously. You can't imagine some of the stuff he's sent to mutual friends, at least one of which required a hazmat suit. I tried stinky tofu with him and survived, as did our friend Nathan. Barely.

So what does it say about me, that I went back to the same restaurant with JTS, but this time I brought along TheHusband and ThePinkThing? Specifically so that TPT could try stinky tofu. Please note that there was no coercion on either my part or JTS's. He is willing to offer the opportunity, but he doesn't push. TPT wanted to try stinky tofu. I'm not sure why. When I asked I got a garbled answer that boiled down to "I want to taste how bad it is." I'm not one to prevent the kid from trying new foods. She's got a reasonably wide palate for a 9 year-old, especially since TheHusband is a "meat and potatoes, hold the potatoes" kinda guy. The other food I had had at Bob's Noodle 66 was reasonably good (though the jellyfish had an odd consistency). So we went last night. Even though he couldn't smell it, TheHusband said "NO WAY", although he did try everything else we ordered. I also bailed on the stinky tofu. Oncewasfinethankyouverymuch.

TPT tried it. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Next time JTS is in town, we will go to a regular old Mexican restaurant. :-)


Warner said...

I would probably try it but not go looking for it.

In 30+ years of food experimentation, I can only think of two meals that neither my wife nor I could finish. One was a curry soup and the other, and within the past few weeks, a squid dish. And I like fried calamari.

Lorraine said...

Huh. In the last picture, there is a woman in the background who must also have been trying this ineligible food item. Y'all are brave, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe she was just downwind of it, Lorraine! I confess, I couldn't do this. I can't even handle spinach or brussels sprouts; something named stinky would simply undo me.

~ Kay Carrasco

Carol Elaine said...

You're exposing TPT to new and exciting (and relatively non-dangerous) experiences. That makes you a good mother in my book.

(Not to mention it's funny as hell. :-)

Megan said...

No. I'm reporting you to Social Services.

Random Michelle K said...
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