10 April 2009

Evil Kitty and the BSOD

"Master, this is what happens when you fail to do my bidding..."


WendyB_09 said...

with apologies to the Monty Python crew...

No one ever EXPECTS the Blue Screen of Death!!

Sorry, you have my sympathy, I got burned by it last year.


vince said...

I admit it. I like the blue screen of death. There are many of us who like the blue screen of death, and we can be found across the globe.

Why? Because it makes us money.

And it makes the cats money as well.

neurondoc said...

Vince, BSOD's help pay half of my mortgage. TheHusband is a hardware/network kinda guy. The BSOD in the picture was probably a customer's hard drive in TH's test machine... It made such a good picture, though.

Lorraine said...

Hmm. Did I see X-rays emanating from kittie's glare?

Random Michelle K said...

So, I've been saying for years that the way to make millions is to have a monthly raffle. You win the raffle, you can throw this computer off the top of the building OR smash this computer into bits with the big mallet and so on and so forth.

People would SO pay money for this.

kimby said...

Happily, I did not know what the problem in the picture was, and could not identify the BSOD. Glad it was pointed out in the comments.

Now, spinning wheel of death..that is a WHOLE other story. That I know. :(

WendyB_09 said...

I worked at a hospital that had two IBM System 36 mini-mainframes on site, which had been nursed many years well beyond their normal life span. They were cranky and we had to keep the Admin one happy because it did Payroll. I even got to practice what little COBOL coding I knew on it from time to time!

When we finally merged with the big hospital up the street and they helped finance networking our whole facility, our CFO at the time wanted to raffle off chances to take a sledgehammer to the little monster. Believe me, we all wanted a shot at that thing.

Cooler heads prevailed and I found an outfit that could recycle or refurbish every piece of ancient tech we were pulling out of our buildings. And they PAID us to come haul our junque away!! We're talking a small warehouse full, stacked at least counter height, with barely a space for a trail through the wreckage!


neurondoc said...

TheHusband once threw a recalcitrant victim (er... computer) off the back porch into a dumpster. He said it felt great!

John the Scientist said...

I once got to empty two magazines from a WWII Thompson submachine gun into an old computer. Then I got to do it to another one with an AK on full auto. They had the old CRT monitors that blew up pretty good, too.

It was awesome.

/redneck computer consulting