03 April 2009

The Pink Water Incident

Cats can be pretty darned funny. One of our cats, Ajax, is the funny one. He is also the epitome of scaredy cat and spends the majority of his time afraid of being eaten by something. One of the funniest things that ever happened to Ajax, at least from our point of view, was the "Pink Water Incident".

Here is the scene: our old basement. TheHusband and I each have our own computers at desks in the basement. The basement, prior to the big renovation a couple of years ago, had the typical late 60's motif: fake-dark-wood-panelling, linoleum tile floor, teeny windows. The washer/dryer, laundry sink, furnace, and hot water heater were down there, too.

When we moved in, I found it weird that the washer drained from a hose into the laundry sink. I hadn't seen that before. It was a pretty big sink, that I am sorry got removed during the renovation. Ajax used to jump up into the laundry sink and then up to windowsill above, in order to watch the exciting suburban wildlife at ground-level. He did that a lot. He also would jump into the sink and then behind the washer when the cleaning ladies were here. You never know when a group of cleaning ladies will take it into their heads to eat a kitty. One must be very cautious...

So one Saturday afternoon, TH and I were sitting at our respective desks, doing whatever we were doing on our computers. I was also (at the same time) doing a load of laundry. Suddenly we heard the most amazing thrashing sounds from the laundry area, and then I saw a gray streak bolt up the stairs. "What the hell was that?" I said. "Beats me" replied TH. We both got up to look in the laundry area. We saw water all over the place. And no perpetrator.

Ajax had decided that that was the perfect time to hop up onto the windowsill to view the passing squirrels. Unfortunately for him, the sink had gotten clogged up and was filled with water. As I said, it was a big sink. I suspect he ended up in over his head, managed to spring out, and was gone. In a flash. Soaking wet. We went up to see where he went and found what looked like a large drowned gray rat cowering in the living room behind the couch (no evil laundry sink could eat him there).

We got a bunch of old towels and the cat treats, and TH rubbed him as dry as he could. Eventually, Ajax rebelled at this attention, and ran off to lick his wounds, so to speak. About an hour later, he reappeared completely dry and extremely fluffy. He was extra soft, too, as there was fabric softener in the wash water. And his white stomach was pink-tinged, as I had been doing a load of red clothes, and the water was pink.

And to my knowledge he never jumped into the laundry sink again...


Eric said...

Aww. Poor guy.

They try so hard to retain their dignity when they do that kind of thing, too. I had a cat jump into a draining bathtub one time. I'm not sure, but I think he possibly sprang off the surface tension of the water and not the actual bottom of the tub. And of course no matter how he tried, he completely failed to sell "Oh yeah, I meant to do that, yep, sure did, that was deliberate, yessir."

Poor kitties.

vince said...

"A white sport coat and a pink wet kitten..."

Or something like that.

notenoughbirds said...

Good thing my coffee cup was solidly on the computer desk when I read this! And does he still hang out with you in the basement, or has the joy forever palled?

Although *all* of our cats have hated and avoided water, our wonderful, old marmalade cat Tyler (rip) ended up liking it. He could come into the kitchen to cool off (at our old house)at any time, but he *liked* to be outside. But at about 17 years old, and 115 degrees, he started not tolerating the heat so well.

I discovered that he would stand in the tree well when I was deep watering. When he felt really hot, I started noticing, he would go stand in the dry tree well and meow until I came and put nice, cool water into it. He even allowed me to cup water with my hands and rub it into his fur all over. Ah, bliss.

What a great cat he was!

Tom said...

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