04 July 2009

2nd to last biking update, I promise (Updated 7/6)

Even though my brother has made it to California, he still has a ways to go yet, to get home, and he's moved on from San Francisco.

Sun 6/28 -- Fallon, NV (113 mi)
Mon 6/29 -- Fallon, NV (rest day)
Tues 6/30 --Hope Valley, CA (99 mi)
Wed 7/1 -- West Sacramento, CA (138[!] mi)
Thur 7/2 -- San Francisco, CA (95 mi)
Fri 7/3 -- Santa Cruz, CA (81 mi)
Sat 7/4 -- Big Sur, CA (77 mi)
Sun 7/5 -- San Luis Obispo (113 mi)
Mon 7/6 -- San Luis Obispo (Donny-Day!)

Anticipated arrival in LA is Thursday, July 9. When he came out almost 2 months ago, he brought a suitcase in which he schlepped his stuff. It is still in our basement. We will ship it home for him on Monday. I wonder if he or the suitcase will arrive first?

1 comment:

TH said...

Knowing TH - Probably he will.

By the time the suitcase is shipped he will have completed a west-to-east trip and gone home again! ;-)