09 July 2009

He's HOME!!!!

I'm so strong I can turn the earth diagonal!!!

My brother's epic journey is over. Donny arranged for about 20 friends to be waiting for them at their house with a finish line and confetti. I am sad that I couldn't be there to see him land, so to speak, because I am so happy! What a journey and experience -- his blog will need much updating.

It took 59 days from start date to the end date (including today). Alternatively:
  • 1 month, 28 days
  • 5,097,600 seconds
  • 84,960 minutes
  • 1416 hours
  • 8 weeks (rounded down)
Now I might have to go walk on the treadmill. :-)

(Picture shamelessly stolen from brother's Facebook page)


TheHusband said...

Welcome home Brother in law!! Can't believe your incredible speed and timing. It really seems like it was only yesterday when we were making the final modifications for your journey.

Welcome home!!!


neurondoc said...

I wonder if the suitcase has arrived.

Carol Elaine said...

Yay neurondoc's brother! Now that's what I call a hell of a ride!