10 September 2009

This is my husband... (Updated)

This is my husband. There are many husbands, but this one is mine. My husband is my best friend. He is my life. I must master him as I master my life. (That means I get to wear the pants in the family!) My husband, without me, is useless (heh!). Without my husband, I am useless (not true!)

My husband is human, even as I, because he is my life. Thus, I will learn him. I will learn his weakness, his strength, his parts, his accessories, his sights and his barrel (pot belly?). I will keep my husband clean and ready (soap, towels, shampoo, clean laundry), even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...

--To TheHusband at the beginning of year 10: Happy 9th Anniversary!

(Adapted from "The Rifleman's Creed", which all Marines learn [and used even though TheHusband was a Sailor, not a Marine...].)
Updated to add the following (thanks Husband!!!):


vince said...

There are many remarks that come to mind (as you are surely aware there would be) but I am going to be a good friend and simply say


Janiece said...

I didn't know today was your anniversary! Now we have two reasons to celebrate - Trollopalooza and your Anniversary!


P.S. Yes, we're meeting NeuronDoc and TheHusband tonight for sushi and celebrations. You may commence envy.

neurondoc said...

Vince -- of course I am aware. :-D

Janiece -- yay!

TheHusband -- you must know that waking me up by singing "Happy Anniversary" in my ear would make it stick in my head all day, right? Yeah, thought so...

Carol Elaine said...

Happy anniversary, Neurondoc and TheHusband!

P.S. Janiece, I am commencing envy...now!

TheHusband said...

Well, what is left to say? Happy 9th to you and yours.

Has it really been 9 years already? Time sure does fly.

Here's to another nine! Remember, your contract expires no earlier than September, 2066

TheHusband said...

For a side comment, Click Here

Eric said...

Happy anniversary, y'all!

WendyB_09 said...

Happy Anniversary!!

You kids have fun tonight!

MWT said...

Happy anniversary! :)

(yeah yeah, I'm late ... >.> )