29 September 2009

Blog vacation

Things are really stressful right now between boat-freaking-loads of work, my second full-time job (TPT, who is a much more fun job than the first one, but just doesn't pay as well), constant back pain (will be visiting the doctor who slashes with a scalpel next week), visits, visitors, spring cleaning (yes, yes, I know it's autumn), and various other stuff that creeps up and attacks without warning.

Even having the blog is stressful. I want to write stuff, but I am too tired. Then I get annoyed that I haven't blogged. So, in order to reduce my stress by a teensy bit, I am going to take a blog vacation. I should be back in about a month.

However, as an appropriately neurological send-off, I will leave you with the immortal words (and music) of Schoolhouse Rock:

(Although the glaringly obvious neurological mistake in this song annoys me a lot)


Janiece said...

We'll miss you!

Christine said...

Awww, I'll miss your blog entries.

But do understand. Get that back better.

(The error I caught was spine vs spinal cord. Any others I missed?)

neurondoc said...

Christine -- that is the error that consistently annoys me. It's just WRONG, dammit.

Jeri said...

We'll miss your blog - but totally understand! And I'm so sorry your back issues continue unabated. I hope this doc offers a workable solution.

ntsc said...

Is this srping cleaning 2009 or 2010?

We have only been in this house since December 1996, so we still need to do spring cleaning 1997.

Will miss you, do come back.

kimby said...

Being on my own Blog vacation, I understand where you are coming from.

See you when you come back :)

neurondoc said...

ntsc -- umm, it is probably spring cleaning 2006, to be honest. We moved the W/D upstairs to the 4th bedroom intending to make that room into an office/laundry room. We never quite got around to cleaning it out so that it could function as an office. But we recently bought desks from Ikea (they are height-adjustable!) and put them together. Now we have to move a bunch of the crap out of there so that it will be functional. Thankfully, we will be repurposing a bunch of the contents in other parts of the house. The rest will go bye-bye via Freecycle. Then I will actually be able to walk to the far side of the room!

I do promise that I will return. Things have just gotten so crazy that I had to lighten my load just a little.

Ilya said...

I'm perversely satisfied when other people admit that blogging adds stress in their lives, because it surely constantly adds stress to mine. Yet, I'll miss reading yours and I hope to see you back here soon!