30 October 2009

Halloween on parade

Halloween at ThePinkThing's school. Why yes, I snuck out of work to see the parade...

ThePinkThing as a cheetah (she insists she's a cheetah, not a leopard)



Random Michelle K said...

Meow! Meow! Meow!


Ffft! Ffft!

neurondoc said...

:-) That does happen even at the age of 6.

ExpatMom said...

Real life event:

I just read this and David said to me, "I wish Allison would come and visit us again."

Baffled, I said, "What made you think of Allison?" (He could not see the screen.)

"Oh, nothing. I just missed her right now."

I showed him the pictures and he cooed, actuually cooed: "Oh, she is soooo cute!"

The syntropodic bridge, I tell you. And she is very cute.

neurondoc said...

I find it extra alarming that the syntropodic bridge seems to have been passed down to the next generation. :-)

Tania said...


As the person who USUALLY dresses as a cat every year, I approve.

Two head rubs and a deep rumbly purr.

I'd offer a tail flick, but I'm Manx, and we don't have tails.