29 October 2009

TheHusband's home!

His flight got in 45 minutes early, and since he had no checked bags, he zipped through the airport. I've decided to leave work and go see him.

(And I finally posted something that wasn't whiny or pathetic!)


Janiece said...

You're not whiny or pathetic.

Welcome home, TH.

Nathan said...

I believe I've got the market cornered on whiny and pathetic!

It's all I've got...don't try to steal it.

Tom said...

I don't know...

Leaving work to see your husband sounds pretty pathetic to me.

(disclaimer: written by a single guy who wouldn't mind being pathetic if he actually, you know, had someone to go see...)

Ilya said...

Can you talk TH into putting together some travel notes here? I need me a Rome fix.