02 December 2009

Happy neurosurgeon is a happy patient

Saw the neurosurgeon on Monday. He is pleased with my recovery so far. I am recovering as quickly as he was expecting me to (barring the bonus DVT and PE). The level of back pain is exactly as he expected. He wants me to see the rehab doc and start planning outpatient rehab.

There is only one thing about my recovery that I don't agree with and really can't stand. He expects me to be off work until January. Ummm, no -- can't do that. I'll go totally nuts. But he understands my need to get back to work, being a doctor himself. So I will try to work from home for a couple of hours a day beginning next Monday (12/7). I suspect that my supervisor and coworkers will be happy. I won't reappear at the office until after the new year, but I need to get back to work. Need to. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things...


Xine said...

Good news that the doctor is happy!

And working from home for a small amount of time sounds good, just pace yourself and don't overdo it, as I'm sure your doctor said too!

Change of subject, you might find this interesting:

Lorraine said...

Happy neurosurgeon means very happy friends!