19 December 2009

Let It Snow

Ah to be 6 again, during a big snow storm. It is much simpler and more fun.

I am worrying about being unable to help TheHusband clean off the cars (much less even touch the shovel), how he's going to shovel the 18+ inches of snow without having his back go out, and if I'll actually be able to get out of the house on Tuesday for my appointment. ThePinkThing was only thinking about fun. FUN! Snow! Eat snow, swim in snow, make snow angels (including one in the middle of our street), roll down the lawn in the snow, throw snow at Daddy, etc.

I think she has the right way of it... Perhaps I'll go out and eat some snow. :-)

Eating snow

A hand towel as makeshift ear-muffs

Butt-high snow by 5 pm


This is as far as I got

Our lonely street

Below knee-high at around noon

Well above the knees at 5 pm

Afterwards -- footie PJ's


WendyB_09 said...

Man, those were the days! Nothing to worry about but playing in the snow.

I suspect the docs will understand if you reschedule rather than risk a fall. Besides, doesn't look like anyone in your neighborhood is going anywhere for a couple of days.

TheHusband said...

Husband's tip of the day:

Don't eat YELLOW snow!

This now concludes husband's tip of the day.

Thank You

neurondoc said...

Boy, Husband, I've never ever even heard that before. Thanks for the really useful advice.