18 May 2012

I am the best mom because...

I was invited to the Special Person's Tea at TPT's class this afternoon. All of the kids wrote a letter to their special person, and they were encouraged to read it to everyone. TPT was one of the first (she gleefully volunteered). Here is TPT's letter to me:

Dear Mom,

I think you are the best mom in the whole world because you help me with my problems so I won’t worry. You are the best mom in the whole world because you play with me and make me laugh. When I’m sad you cheer me up. You are the best mom because you help me with things that I need help with. I know you are the best Mom because you make me excited.

I remember when we were out shoe shopping and I really wanted a pair of shoes. You said I could buy them myself. This is important to me because it taught me responsibility. I finally was able to buy the shoes after lots and lots of chores.

A lesson you taught me is look both ways before you cross the street. This is important because I cross streets almost every day. It is also important to me because I don’t want to get flattened by a car. That is why I think looking both ways before you cross the street is important.

Thanks for being the best mom ever!


(Funny, I remember that a bit differently, kid. The deal was that we'd each pay half. When we got home from the shoe store, you went up to your piggy bank and came right down with the money. A little creative license?)

It is definitely disconcerting to have my remarks come back to haunt me in a public forum. It certainly amused the other adults there. And yes, I did tell her that she could be flattened if she was run over by a car.


Janiece said...

This makes perfect sense to me, as she really WOULD be flattened if run over by a car.

My own adult daughter takes great glee in telling my friends that I give excellent advice, like, "Don't go to prison," "Don't burn the house down," and that perennial favorite, "Please become a contributing member of society."

I try not to water down my wisdom with too much specificity.

Random Michelle K said...