24 May 2012

No room for the kid!

Here is what ThePinkThing's bed looks like when it is neatly made and all of her stuffed animals are on it. Most of the time, though, they live in "The Pit" (the floor between the bed and wall). I like how there are giant germs and a few neurons in the mix.


Warner said...

The first year the extended family came to us for Thanksgiving the grand nephews and nieces each got a choice of a large stuffed animal (we had one more than needed so all got a choice), choosing by eldest first.

The oldest grand niece seemed more enamored by this than the rest, so she got a large stuffed animal for each visit (the others also got a gift).

After several years we were asked to stop as there was no longer room in her room for her.

Xine said...

Our younger son, Thomas, had a bed that looked similar - lots of stuffed animals and no room for him. He'd burrow down and surround himself with them when he had to go to bed. Very happy with it! At 19, he still sleeps with one or two!