23 October 2009

A really nice wife

That's me -- a really nice wife.

One of TheHusband's friends was heading to Rome for business, and called TH for advice about 2 weeks ago. TH lived in southern Italy (Brundisi) for a few years in the mid 80's, when he was in the Navy. He, being the adventurous sort, rented a room with a family instead of living in the barracks. They wanted to learn English, and he wanted to get away from his fellow-sailors. It turned out that they never learned much English, but TH ended up speaking Italian fluently. He went back once in the mid 90's (before we met).

So anyway, back to his friend. The friend was really incredibly freaked out about visiting Italy (hello, it's not Yemen, Somalia, or Afghanistan). I was listening vaguely to TH's side of the conversation and finally said "Why don't you just go and meet up with him in Rome? You'll have a nice adventure and calm down HF." So we looked up flights, and he got a reasonably priced fare. He left last night, with a laptop bag and a moderate-sized shoulder bag (God knows, I can't travel that lightly). He should have landed about 4 hours ago. He gets to stay in Rome for a week, returning next Thursday.

See -- I am a nice wife. But he'd better bring me back a nice present, or maybe I won't be quite so nice... :-)


Anonymous said...

That is beyond "nice"! Any idea what sort of present he's likely to return with?

Ilya said...

Man, I love Rome! So does my wife... I suppose she'd never sent me on my way like that without insisting on coming along...

neurondoc said...

Ilya, considering what will be happening next week and the fact that I can't walk more than a block without practically falling down, I'm glad that I sent him. However, I will go someday -- all those years of Latin and a Classics degree have to be useful for something.

Christine -- he said he got "something" for me. However, knowing TH's sense of humor it could be an SF book in Italian.