28 September 2010

Helpful pie-charting

So, as I said in my last post, one of the things I do for a living is read (and evaluate) clinical trials. Much of the math and statistics remains beyond the ability of my pea-sized math brain to understand. But I do often catch it when the authors are trying to pull a fast one on me. And that irks me.

Dear Scientist,

If you insist on including graphs as scientifically "meaningful" as the one below in your really, really important medical study, you will be laughed at. Then I will wield Janiece's Shovel of Doom (TM) and make you go away.



John the Scientist said...

Heh, I blame Powerpoint presentations. These days people expect a graphic to accompany a point whether its necessary or not.

John the Scientist said...

"It's" dammit. jet lagged. Sure you don't want some surstromming?

neurondoc said...

JTS -- no. I have a lifetime bye on surstromming. Plus, I've just spent most of the day in a Food Law course. I can't even deal with the thought of that shit.