29 September 2010

I can haz migraine?

Unfortunately, it seem that I can.

Some of my friends have been troubled with migraines recently. Much as I enjoy sharing things with you, I would prefer that YOU. KEEP. YOUR. MIGRAINES. TO. YOURSELVES.

Thank you.
Brainzz Management Services


ExpatMom said...

I still have mine. Ain't sharing. Not me.

WendyB_09 said...

Didn't get it from me either, mine is creeping around just behind my eyes trying to decide if it should implode my brain or not.

I'm blaming the tropical storm that is heading up the coast.

Shawn Powers said...

SO sorry. Mine still visit semi-regularly, but they've been out and about more than before. It could very well be mine that paid you a visit. Sorry about that...