25 July 2009

A century of blog posts

This is post #100. I'm impressed with myself and shocked I've kept it up, actually. Of course, I don't really have anything in particular to say today.

I am spending this weekend with my cousin (aka Cuzzy). I will be resting, reading, shopping, eating (sushi -- yum!), swimming, and "making art". I'm excited.

What are you doing this weekend? (Besides the trollops, who are hanging out being trollopy -- we know what you're doing...)


Wendy said...

Being the kind person I am, I'm taking a couple hours to create the annual newsletter for my alumni fraternity chapter. While I'm no longer an officer, the newly elected secretary that took my place was completely overwhelmed, so Wendy to the rescue.

Other than that, I'm thinking serious pool time between bouts of cleaning. I've got company coming next weekend and have to clear a path into the spare bedroom so I can inflate the mattress for them!!

Have fun! Looking forward to meating you when I'm in DC in just a couple weeks!


vince said...

I shall be working some, watching it rain (it's been raining to a greater or lesser extent for almost a week now), doing my radio shows, and taking some time to be lazy.

Anonymous said...