29 July 2009

It's coming... (Updated)

The delivery people just called. Our new washer and dryer will be here within the next 40 minutes.

I am a bit dubious, given my prior experience with Sears washer/dryers and their delivery. There is also a new potential confounding factor. I looked up the specs online, and the online specs show the washer as 2+ inches deeper than the specs in the store said. I am now not sure the washer will fit in the closet. If it does fit in, we will probably have to permanently remove the closet door. I'll let you know in a bit how it all comes out...
Updated at 3:00 pm

It's here and installed. The specs online appear to have been incorrect, becasue it fits in the same spot as the previous one. TH "debrained" the old washer dryer by removing the motherboard. We paid $250 for that board about 2 years ago, and it is in good shape. If we can get something for it, that'll be great.

I'll be doing a load or three tonight.
Updated again, July 31

I've done 6 loads so far. Both the washer and dryer work really well. No internal problems to report. Annoyingly, the deliverymen installed the set further to the left than the original unit was. Because of the location, I can't open the detergent drawer all the way. It will have to be shifted over to the right eventually. Even TheHusband (with strict instructions) has run a load.


ntsc said...

When I lived in a Brooklyn brownstone, I installed the washer dryer - full sized and side by side in the master bath. My wife loved. All laundry, except the kid and he could shlep it upstairs himself, was upstairs. Ok, kithcen side towels werent.

Now the laundry is on the ground floor with all bedrooms on the second. So she or I shlep laundry baskets up/downstairs.

neurondoc said...

The washer-dryer were relocated about 2.5 years ago from the basement to the 4th bedroom upstairs. This has been great, especially since my back troubles started (and TH has already had a lumbar laminectomy).

It is just me, TheHusband, and ThePinkThing, so what do we need with 4 bedrooms? We have one for TH and me, one for TPT, and a guest room. So we turned the 4th bedroom (which had been functioning as a junkroom) into a laundry room, and soon it will be a laundryroom/office. So if I have to take the closet door off, it won't really be a big deal.

ntsc said...

There are two of us in a five bedroom. In the last year of the kid's college I sold the brownstone with 1400 sq ft owner's duplex and moved to the suburbs. To a 3400 sq ft colonial sitting on an acre.

One bedroom is my office, the single one on the ground floor is my wife's; with a single bed and a sofa bed respectively. At thanksgiving we regularily have 11 guest for the full holiday and weekend and do use the space.

If it weren't for the fact that we love the view and location (and the market is way down) we would sell. Probably will in a few years as the stairs are starting to be a problem.

When she first moved in we had a sleeping loft approached by ladder, as I approached 50 that became harder and harder, especially at night. So I sold.