28 July 2009


Aren't I cute??? Actually one of these is me, and one is TPT. We're both cute, right? Right? Thought you'd agree.

Anyway -- happy birthday to me!


Claudia said...

I totally agree. I also think you're both still cute.

Happy, happy Birthday, dear. I'll call you later today. Hugs and kisses from all the Muirs (and that's a lot of hugs and kisses!)

Tania said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)

Random Michelle K said...

Happy Birthday!

vince said...

Hippo, birdie, two ewes
Hippo, birdie, two ewes
Hippo, birdie, two ewes, dear Natalie!
Hippo, birdie, two ewes

And Manny Moor!

Happy birthday Natalie!

(I made a mistake - I fixed it!)

Eric said...

Happy birthday!

Janiece Murphy said...

They say it's your birthday!

You're going to have a good time!


Happy birthday to NeuronDoc, master of the Hippocampus.

neurondoc said...

Janiece -- I am so going to use that line all the time from now on... If people annoy me at work, I will say "stop bothering me, I am The Master of the Hippocampus".

::goes off to print out a big sign::

Nancy B said...

Have a very happy birthday, and many more!

Carol Elaine said...

Happy happy! I hope it's a most fantabulous one!

Nathan said...

Oooh. De widdle baybees r soooo cute.



Uh...Here's wishing you a most dignified natal anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Hippo Birdies Two Ewes.

and yes, you are both cute!

Janiece Murphy said...

I'm glad you liked it, Natalie. For some reason thinking of you makes me think brainy thoughts...or something.