01 July 2009

What is special about today?

It's 12:01 am on July 1st. What am I forgetting? I know that it's a special day.

Is it Flag Day? Nope, it's June 14th.

Ah, it's Bastille Day! Nice try. That's July 14th.

Right, it's Kiss the Mayor Day. Well, it is Kiss the Mayor Day on July 1st but only if you are playing SimCity2000, SimCity3000, or SimCity4. And I'm not playing any of those games right now. So that's not it.

Ah yes, it's somebody's birthday. Somebody with wild hair. (Not you, Husband) Somebody who likes to cook and bake and read books. Somebody who made me very welcome just a short time ago.

Happy Birthday, Michelle. Now don't eat your cake all in one sitting.


Random Michelle K said...


Thank you!

(happy dance)

Anonymous said...

It is also Canada Day!

neurondoc said...

Happy Canada Day, too!