10 July 2009

Moving Day! (Updated)

My office is relocating today, while I am working from home. I was only responsible for packing up the contents of my personal office. We had to be packed and out of the office by 5 pm yesterday evening, leaving the door unlocked. (If we leave it locked, they won't move our stuff.) Thankfully, I will be getting a new chair at my new office -- this one was evil, uncomfortable, and made the most alarming creaky noises.

We were instructed to label everything that we want the movers to move, including the electronic equipment. So, as you can see from the picture, I slapped a label on everything -- monitor, keyboard, docking station, even the mouse and power cord (my work laptop is here in my house). I even labeled one of my coworkers. Do you think they'll pack him in a box and throw him in the back of the truck? I'll see him at the new (work) digs on Monday, regardless of how he gets there. However, I'm worried that if he stays there too long, the giant virulent (virtual) dust bunny that he appears to be sitting on might eat his brainzz. And then who would do his work? _____________________________
Updated 7/17/2009

Just a quick update to show how moving crates can be used creatively to move items from one office to another... Note that the virulent dust bunny was not transported in the move!


Claudia said...

You need Lightroom, dear.

Bwahahaha! I'm funny.

neurondoc said...

Humph. I'll just open it when it gets here, then. (eg)