23 March 2009

The Big Bang?

So I figure that I should start my blog off with a bang. A big Bang! And the Big Bang seemed quite appropriate.

Credit: NASA/GSFC/Dana Bery


See you tomorrow!


Jeff Hentosz said...

Very pretty.

You're sure that's not just a Death Star?

John the Scientist said...

Dang, second comment. I shall refrain from certain sensitive topics while commenting.

Like the second time I was detained by the KGB. :D

Tania said...



Eric said...

And here's what it looked like before God messed with it for the History Of The Universe: The Special Edition reissue. That was the second-most-annoying change in spacetime when God started futzing around (the first being the dinosaurs shooting the asteroid first during the Cretaceous ELE--I mean, come on!. Of course it doesn't matter--God insists the original universe no longer exists, so we just have to suck it up and accept that this is His version of how the universe was supposed to look from the very beginning. Which is total B.S., and why I'm going to keep my copies of the universe on VHS and these DVD bootlegs from the laserdiscs that I got from eBay.

Oh, and welcome to the wonderful world of blugging. :-)

Jim Wright said...

What the hell?

Fifth comment?


kimby said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Neurondoc!!

(and 6th....Man am I slow today...even JIM beat me here, and he is handicapped with volcano ash)

MWT said...

7th! And here I thought surely I'd be last.

Welcome to the blogosphere. :)

mattw said...


1: What was that?

2: Oh nothing, just a new universe popping up.

1: Shit, just as things were starting to settle around here. Would somebody tell God to knock it off.

Nathan said...

Hey! Your content is almost 12 hours old now. Get to work and post something!

Anne C. said...

Pay no attention to the Nathan behind the curtain...

And welcome!

Jeri said...

So cool! Welcome to the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Natalie!

Mmmm, space pr0n. Me like. Even if it is from Goddard.

I rather like this photo better.

*cough*Spitzer Rocks!*cough*

neurondoc said...

Ooh -- pretty!

Goddard is nearby; I like to support the locals...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know a few people from Goddard - we partner with them on several of our projects. They're cool, I guess. ;)

Shawn Powers said...


WendyB_09 said...

Now, see what you've done...increased the peer pressure on the newbie without a blog.


Congrats and love the space porn.


Janiece said...

Stupid Jury Duty.

17th comment?

I suck.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Doc.

Random Michelle K said...

Greetings and salutations!

Since I couldn't be first, I figured I'd try for last.

Did I make it?

vince said...

No Michelle, that would be me. And cool. A Death Star blog.