26 March 2009

Words of wisdom from me to me

Check the weather in the morning, otherwise you will send ThePinkThing to school in a fleece jacket when it is pouring rain and cold out. Kid is just fine with that. You -- not so much.

Do not ignore VEIP (vehicle emissions check) warning notice. Cops won't.

Do not kid yourself that you will be able to withstand the temptation of your favorite chocolate, if it is in the house. You won't!

If the job, deal, bargain, buy, etc seems to good to be true, it is. Really!

Don't ask TheHusband to do something too early in the morning. Chances are high that he will forget.

Adequate sleep is a great thing. (In other words, go to bed at a reasonable hour, you idiot! The internet will still be there in the morning.)

Hug the Husband -- you never know what might happen.

If ThePinkThing wants to wear a lime green/aqua/white striped shirt with pink/mint green/orange/yellow striped/flowered leggings (and pink/white flowered socks), don't object. The ensuing argument isn't worth it, and any pictures taken can be used for blackmail in 10 years.


kimby said...

I know that last one!
Bug the other day left wearing a brown shirt with orange flowers (with aqua blue dots), a pink skirt and brown multi-coloured striped leggings.
She hurt my eyes.
But she was happy, and it hurt no-one.
I have learned (ok, I am still learning) to pick the fights..and if dressing that way make her happy and allows her to grow..then i just have to learn to keep my eyes and mouth shut.

sometimes it is soooooo hard!

Nathan said...

That wardrobe goes perfect with the pastel blue and green M&M's (that are almost all gone). When are you coming back to town so I can have more?

neurondoc said...

Nathan -- Never going back to that store again. I bought M&M's for ThePinkThing, as well, but my SiL "didn't feel like carrying them" so I never got them back on Sunday. $18 down the drain, a disappointed kid, and a grumpy mom...

Kimby -- That is probably the hardest thing for me as a parent. I am still practicing that.

Anonymous said...

One of my mantras as a parent is "Pick your arguments carefully." I agree, not worth it to argue over clothes as long as they are reasonably climate-sensible. I also let my boys decide what to do with their hair - let it grown, cut it short, etc, from a very young age. Gave them the experience of making a decision and living with the consequences.

Anonymous said...

So, what happened? With the husband, I mean.

Yes, I'm nosey. After all, he's also my husband...

neurondoc said...

Nothing particularly bad happened. But he was mostly asleep when I asked him to do something, then I was annoyed when he had no recollection of being asked. If I had waited until he was fully conscious then I would've saved myself grief.

Random Michelle K said...

As a non parent, I absolutely *love* seeing little girls who have quite obviously dressed themselves.

They just make me grin.

Couple weeks ago I saw one wearing pants, sneakers, a clashing colored shirt, a tutu, and a parka.

It made my evening.

vince said...

Those are good words of wisdom.

I don't function well early in the morning if I don't have to. Sadly, I often have to. But people pay me for having to, so I guess that makes it better.

As far as VEIP, we don't do that here in Minnesota. Buy a car, make sure it runs while on the road. It should have a license (and you as well), but YMMV in rural areas of the state. Especially farming areas, where the rules are a bit different for farm vehicles.

Jim Wright said...

Couple weeks ago I saw one wearing pants, sneakers, a clashing colored shirt, a tutu, and a parka.

Hell, Michelle, throw in a pair of bunny boots and I see adults dressed like that here in Alaska, everyday.

And NeuronHsb gets a pass. The UCMJ specifies that a Sailor is not responsible for orders issued during periods of unconsciousness. Sorry, it's the law.