11 August 2009

Happy birthday to Cuzzy!

Today is my cousin's birthday. She is exactly 50 weeks older than I am.

She is a wonderfully caring, creative and lovely person. We are very different from each other, yet strangely alike. When we are together, people think we are sisters, perhaps because our laughs are similar, our senses of humor are quirky, and we like to make faces at each other. We both love to read books, although our tastes do not (for the most part) intersect. We love to sit on the beach on cool days. We love sushi and chocolate, but not together.

She is an artist and makes her living making things beautiful (or more beautiful). I am a neurologist and can't draw a straight line. She loves to shop, and I think that the mall is a place designed to torture innocent people (like me). She can make a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt look fashionable. I look frumpy in a nice dress. Yet we are more than just cousins, we are friends, and I am lucky to have her in my life. I just wish we still lived in the same city.

Happy Birthday, Cuzzy!

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