26 December 2009

A stop in Savannah (with bonus)

I enjoy meeting internet friends in Real Life. After all, I met my best friend and my husband online. So far I haven't met an axe murderer, although my parents were half-convinced TheHusband was one before they met him ("he has tattoos!").

This year, I had a Christmas Eve present awaiting me in Savannah -- a meet-up with an internet friend, a fellow member of the sooper seekrit organization, the UCF. This friend prefers to remain anonymous, so I won't spill any info. I will, however, provide the picutre we took of TheHusband, MWT, me, and ThePinkThing.

It was fun, funny, yummy, and I'm sorry that MWT won't be in Savannah on the day we pass back through.

Now it's off to our real vacation. See you in a bit...

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MWT said...

Have a good time in the tropical islands. :)