06 November 2010

QotD: Alaska or Hawaii?

This month I've decided to post every day. Since I don't have enough original things to write about (hence the desertish nature of my blog lately), I've decided to ask a new question every day this month and hope that I get answers. I have questions; you have answers.

When I took my Neurology Boards recertification test in 2007, I was semi-convinced I wouldn't pass. Like many people, I tend to obsess about important tests prior to the test, then be calm, cool, and collected once it starts. The Neurology Oral Boards were an exception to that rule (I practically cried during part of it). Anyway, TheHusband believed I would pass on the first try, but wasn't above a little positive reinforcement. He told me that if I passed the recertification on the 1st try, we would go to Alaska or Hawaii; if I passed on the 2nd try, we'd get to go to Florida; but if I passed on the 3rd try, we'd be going to Cleveland. In winter. To visit my mother-in-law. Now my MiL is a wonderful woman, but Cleveland in winter is ... not.

Needless to say, with that incentive, I passed (well) on the first try. So I get to pick between Alaska and Hawaii. Which should I pick and why? And which would you rather visit?


John the Scientist said...

Are you a beach person or not? Beaches bore the crap out of me, so Hawaii would get old in a hurry.

Alaska seems to have a lot more variety of things to do, especially in summer.

The next question, though, is would you be taking the kid? With a child the age of yours, Hawaii may be the better bet. I konw the volcanoes would be a major draw for my kids...

vince said...

Where: Alaska
Why: Jim and Tania (and beautiful, beautiful country)

Not that Hawaii isn't beautiful as well, but Jim and Tania are the deal sealers. After all, what could be better than a meet-up with friends?

Shawn Powers said...

Jim and Tania aside, I'd still pick Hawaii. Apparently I'm a kid, because the volcanoes are a major draw for me. :D

Plus, Donna loves the beach. I'd likely sit under an umbrella and read.

Boy that sounds nice...

neurondoc said...

My question is a bit disingenuous, because I've already made my choice, and that choice was truly a forgone conclusion. I do love beaches, and I've never seen a volcano. But I have always wanted to go to Alaska, since I was a kid. When I was about TPT's age, apparently I announced to my mother that I was going to move to Alaska when I grew up. Knowing how much I really detest snow, she was unconvinced and unworried. She was correct, as I live pretty far from Alaska now and have no plans to move there.

Visiting is a completely different story, especially during the summer. There is also the lure of Jim and Tania, glaciers, whales, Mt. McKinley, Denali, and host of other stuff. Alaska it will be. The current plan is 7-10 days in Alaska followed by a cruise south. We do plan to bring TPT -- if I'm going to Alaska, I'm damn well bringing her. All going as planned this trip will take place next summer.

The American Academy of Neurology's 2011 annual meeting is in Honolulu. Unfortunately, we have been told by our employer that that meeting isn't in the cards due to cost. That's fine with me, as I hadn't been planning to attend. I'm going to a different meeting in Los Angeles in February.

Janiece said...

Good choice, although I must say that the Volcano National Park is a "must see." As is the USS ARIZONA Memorial.

Since I lived in Hawai'i for three years, I've seen what I need to, but we're still going back next year so the Smart Man can go. Alaska will be a couple years after that. On a cruise ship.

Random Michelle K said...

I have been to Hawaii, but not to Alaska. I spent a little more than a month there when my youngest cousin was born, so I didn't do the hotel tourist thing most of the time.

That said, I did get to tour the Big Island. Since I was with my grandmother it was only a day bus tour, so it wasn't in depth. However, I have to admit it is the only place I've been so far I thought was more beautiful than West Virginia.

But that requires not doing the touristy beach thing.

Oh, the food was also fabulous (again, my aunt & uncle got food from local places, as opposed to the touristy places).

Oh, one last thing, for the first week, the intensity of the light gave me a headache in the middle of the day.

Jeri said...

If winter - go to Hawaii. If summer, go to AK. :)

And there's lots more to do in Hawaii than beach-y things - lots of art, culture, gardens, lookouts, etc.

But I'm a little jaded on AK. LOL

Herman X said...

There are pros and cons to consider for each trip. I have been to Alaska and Hawaii, both of which were interesting in their own way.

For Hawaii, I originally had an 8-hour layover coming from Japan. I called my employer (you know, the one on Ft. Meade that no must ever speak of or even mention exists). Well, they existed that day when I asked my supervisor if it would be ok to extend the layover to 2-days. "NO he said, get on that plane and come home immediately!" Unfortunately, I had already re-booked my flight for 2-days later and had given up my seat on the original one! "To the devil be damned" I said after hanging up and proceeded to find myself a rental car and hotel room.

I proceeded to drive the entire circuit of Oahu island and saw field after field of pineapples, beautiful beaches, giant cliffs jutting out into the sea as if the scene had leaped off a post card. No map, no plan, just going where the road led me.

It led me to Diamond Head, and the USS Arizona which absolutely should not be missed especially if there is even one speck of Navy in your blood. The crystal clear water brought the Pearl Harbor attack into crystal clear reality. Its as if you were right there on December 7th 1941.

I finally ended up in Kaneohe. Nothing very exciting here but they had hotels and K-marts, Taco Bells and gas stations, everything a soul could want - and yes, I did buy one of those flowerdy Hi-wyan shirts and did indeed wear it! Spent the next day at the North Shore just hanging on the beach and was on the plane to Seattle by sundown. Hawaii, I hardly knew ya.

Alaska, not nearly as exciting. A layover once again, this time coming from Detroit en-route to Seoul. 7-hours in Anchorage. I left the airport, took a cab downtown, walked around for a few hours in light rain with overcast skies and went back to the airport. (no phone calls to ft. meade here). Alaska, as several of you have said offers so much more than Hawaii, plus two new friends to boot!

I must agree, Alaska seems like the better choice to me! Hey, maybe we can rent a plane and go fly out over the glaciers or something. Oh wait, I can feel neurondoc seething about her husband's perpetual status of student pilot (only 8 years now) ;-)

Just think, we will go to one of these places and still have plenty of opportunities for the Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo run. After all, Xinf doesn't live to far past there.

Anonymous said...

Would depend on time of year, I guess. Both are on my list of places I want to get to. If winter here, I'd go to Hawaii. I"m not into beaches, but there is loads to see three. Volcanoes, historic sites, etc. Plenty to keep me busy with only a small amount of time spent on the beach.

I'd also love to see Alaska, but in the summer. Not willing to go up in winter except maybe for a couple of days in the hopes of seeing the Aurora.

Anonymous said...

@Herman - Natalie and family are most welcome to come and visit if you all get up this way.

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

Haven't really been to either, getting your plane refueled doesn't really count, especially at night.

Alaska interests me more, I've done beaches.

Eric said...

If you want to visit the real American heartland, go to Alaska. If you want to visit a foreign country with a completely alien Islamo-Socialist culture, visit Hawaii, but make sure your papers are completely in order for your return because the nation of Hawaii maintains no official records relevant to American citizenship whatsoever.


neurondoc said...

I <3 Eric.