13 November 2010

QotD: Do you have a favorite season?

This month I've decided to post every day. Since I don't have enough original things to write about (hence the desertish nature of my blog lately), I've decided to ask a new question every day this month and hope that I get answers. I have questions; you have answers.

Do you have a favorite season of the year? I do -- it's fall, autumn, whatever you call it. I love the change from heat and humidity to crisp and cool. I like how trees that were monochromatically green suddenly become fiery red or sunnily yellow, then change again to brown. I love the sounds of dry leaves crackling underfoot. I like wearing sweaters (which makes my nice Jewish grandmother inherently happy).

I hate winter, though.


vince said...

Fall is my favorite as well. I love cool, sunny, windy days.

Eric said...

Fall and Winter are in something of a tie for me.

Anonymous said...

Fall, yes. There's something about the quality of the light then; it was more pronounced in Chicago than here, but it's still present.