02 November 2010

QotD: Election Day version about robocalls...

This month I've decided to post everyday. Please don't faint. Since I don't have enough original things to write about (hence the desertish nature of my blog lately), I've decided to ask a new question every day this month and hope that I get answers. I have questions; you have answers.

Do political robocalls actually do anything other than annoy the crap out of the recipient? I know nobody who doesn't hate them. Did some firm do a marketing study or other worthless activity that says otherwise?

I can't wait until tomorrow.


Random Michelle K said...

My practice is to not answer the phone unless I recognize the number--which almost worked out badly yesterday for your husband. D

Eric said...

Unfortunately, annoying the recipient may be the point: there's an allegation that North Carolina Republicans arranged for repeat robocalls on behalf of Democrats in order to annoy potential Democratic voters.

No idea if this was a one-shot, one locale thing or if Republicans and/or Democrats elsewhere tried the same shenanigan.

Herman X said...

It doesn't matter who calls.

A. They always call on the home line which we pretty much don't use any more so it goes right to voicemail anyway.

B. No matter who calls, you should always vote the incumbents OUT!
(as I did this very morning!)