14 November 2010

QotD: If I feed my daughter cereal for dinner, does that make me a bad mother?

This month I've decided to post every day. Since I don't have enough original things to write about (hence the desertish nature of my blog lately), I've decided to ask a new question every day this month and hope that I get answers. I have questions; you have answers.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. Pancakes, French toast, bagels with cream cheese, cereal, oatmeal... Yummy all around. Before I had a kid, I would not infrequently eat cold cereal for dinner because it's fast, easy, and nutritious. Now I can't do that so much. But I do serve cold cereal or waffles sometimes for dinner, mostly when TheHusband (who, weirdly, is not a breakfast person) isn't home. We call it a "nutritious dinner". Does this make me a bad mother?


Shawn Powers said...

Um, no. Feeding your child beer, claiming it's made from healthy grain, would be bad parenting. Feeding her pot brownies, because there's wheat and "vegetables" in it, would be bad parenting.

Breakfast for dinner? We do it all the time. So even if you are a bad parent, you're not alone! ;)

Random Michelle K said...

I would NEVER feed ANYONE pancakes for dinner!


neurondoc said...

Michelle -- we can nitpick and say that Michael was the one who served us the pancakes last night. :-)

Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Growing up, on the night we went out grocery shopping, we usually had a dinner of pancakes, waffles or French toast. That made it special. We had no idea that it was (a) cheap and (b) used up milk, eggs, butter. And sometimes we got maple syrup -- actually a sugar solution made on the stove flavored by a decent artificial flavoring called Mapeline -- and sometimes we got dark or light Karo syrup. We thought it was variety. We didn't know it was cheap.

Parents do what they have to do, but you can make it special or entertaining by not stressing that it was either cheap or necessary.

Dr. Phil

WendyB_09 said...

I frequently have breakfast for dinner. Sounds normal to me, as I've been doing it all my life.

Ditto my brother's comments above. Eggs & toast, grits & cheese, cream of wheat or oatmeal. Even will have juice, just to make the meal seem right.