19 November 2010

QotD: Do you like your job?

This month I've decided to post every day. Since I don't have enough original things to write about (hence the desertish nature of my blog lately), I've decided to ask a new question every day this month and hope that I get answers. I have questions; you have answers.

Fine, I came up with another question, as I am sitting here at work waiting to go to a meeting with the Head Honcho. Actually, it is a series of related questions.

1) Do you like your job?
2) If so/not, why?
3) Is it the job you saw yourself doing 10 years ago?
4) What is your ideal job, if this one isn't it?

I'll answer my own questions:

1) Do you like your job?
Yes. I actually REALLY like my job. I've been at this job for only 3.5 years and never dread going into work (which I was doing at the end of my time at my last position).

2) If so/not, why?
This job allows (forces) me to learn something new everyday, I work with really smart and interesting people (even a few crazy-funny ones), and I feel that I am advantageously impacting the health of many people. Plus the job comes with really good benefits.

3) Is it the job you saw yourself doing 10 years ago?
No. If you told me I'd be doing what I'm doing and working where I'm working, I'd have laughed in your face. I would've said "I couldn't do that!" Surprisingly, I have been doing it, and doing it pretty well.

4) What is your ideal job, if this one isn't it?
I love books, my biggest vice. I've always had a desire to own a used bookstore. Maybe with an attached coffeeshop. Or be a librarian. Not that I am suited for either of those jobs, mind you. It's just that I lust after being paid to work in a bookish world...


Random Michelle K said...

1) There are parts of my job I love, parts of my job I hate. But for the most part I really enjoy my job.

2) I enjoy problem solving. I like helping people. I enjoy teaching. This job lets me do all three PLUS learn new technology. And every day is something new.

3) Oh hell no. Ten years ago I'd just quit my job working as a lab tech in a microbiology lab (cell culture, PCR, gel electrphoresis, zzzz...) and saw this job as something to do until I decided what I *really* wanted to do. Five years ago I was shocked I'd stayed as long as I had.

4) I have no idea what my ideal job is. Really. I have such a varied skill set there are lots of things I would be good at. Would I be happy doing them? Probably. But one never knows until they try. I sometimes wish I was actually using my degree (biology w/ focus on botany) but then I love to garden, so I guess I am using it in a way.

Or perhaps my ideal job would be perpetual student, because I love to learn.

Anonymous said...

1) Do you like your job?

Yes, very much.

2) If so/not, why?

I love the flexibility of working from home. I like the people I work with. I'm making more money doing this than I was likely to make at my old job. I like programming.

3) Is it the job you saw yourself doing 10 years ago?

Since I started this job 10 years ago last month, yes! If you'd said 11 or 15 years ago, heck no!

4) What is your ideal job, if this one isn't it?

I've no idea what an "ideal job" for me would be. This one is pretty good. It uses my talents, I enjoy it, I'm making reasonable money. What more could one ask?!

vince said...

1. Yes I do. There are times when I dislike certain aspects of it, or certain clients, but I really what I do.

2. I like playing with all aspects of computers. I like the challenges that occur. I (mostly) like the people that are my clients. In fact, many have become good friends over time.

3. Yes, since it's the same job I was doing then.

4. I would love to be able to make a living writing.

Jeri said...

1) Do you like your job? I like what I do - I dislike the culture.

2) If so/not, why? I dislike the rather abusive work environment and dysfunctional, completely unbalanced corporate environment that requires insane hours and no life.

3) Is it the job you saw yourself doing 10 years ago? Hmm... no, I saw myself growing more technically expert then, not more on the PM/BA side of the job.

4) What is your ideal job, if this one isn't it? Running a non-profit arts center. Teaching overseas. Doing high-end computer graphics for a studio.

ExpatMom said...

1. I love my new job, even though I haven't actually made any money from it yet.

2. It's artistic and creative and surprisingly, I'm actually good at it. Mostly though, it's because a really good photo of themselves makes people happy. What's not to like?

3. Heh. No.

4. Not surprisingly, I've always wanted to be a teacher. Also to own a bookstore.

Belladonna said...

1) Being a full-time mama-to-one right now. So one part delightful, one part fun, one part frustrating, one part exhausting, one part tear-out-my-hair-oh-my-god-what-do-I-do-now. I guess you'd say that the the highs are really high, and the lows are abyssal -- sort of a manic-depressive job....

2)It's got to be the most important one I've ever done (certainly on a personal level); and the good parts certainly outweigh the bad ones (or I wouldn't keep doing it). Of course, on the bad days, I have the deep dark suspicion that I'm not doing it very well...

3) Nope. 10 years ago I was on the management ladder, just getting my teeth into running the support infrastructure for a major public library. [And, hey, those of you who think you'd like to be librarians, it isn't rewarding in the way you think it is -- no time for reading on the job....]

4) Hmm -- well, the small boy will be at school in 2 years, so planning had better get underway. I'm looking at Management Consultancy (workflows & change mangement) - I guess that I'm good at helping people figure out how to do stuff better.