28 June 2009

In CO, now UT, now NV...

Here is yet another update from my-brother-the-biker. He is now in Nevada, soon to be in California.

He has finally had an injury. I received a phone call on Thursday afternoon from him. He has mentioned the fierce winds in his blog posts and assured me that he wasn't exaggerating for the sake of attention. In between Baker and Ely (Nevada), the wind was so bad that it blew his bike over and down into a ditch, gashing his leg in the process. Unfortunately, he was basically at the midpoint between the two towns, and there was nothing for 30 miles either direction (30 miles back to Baker or 30 forward to Ely). So he opted to go forward, after cleaning and bandaging it as best he could. When he finally arrived in Ely, he called me for advice. It had stopped bleeding (thankfully) long since. He had a first aid kit and was able to use some of the contents to clean and dress the wound appropriately. Annoyingly, there would be no cell phone service for the next two days. Great, I thought, he's going to develop a serious wound infection and not be able to call. Well, he didn't, thank goodness. He texted me last night to tell me that it is healing well. Good long-distance doctoring. Easier than the time I diagnosed his appendicitis over the phone from 3000+ miles away...

Wed 6/17 -- Blanding, UT (82 mi)
Thur 6/18 -- Hanksville, UT (127 mi)
Fri 6/19 -- Boulder, UT (84 mi)
Sat 6/20 -- Tropic, UT (66 mi)
Sun 6/21 -- Bryce Canyon, UT (rest day, but 11 mi)
Mon 6/22 -- Cedar City, UT (78 mi)
Tues 6/23 -- Milford, UT (56 mi)
Wed 6/24 -- Baker, NV (85 mi)
Thur 6/25 -- Ely, NV (63 mi)
Fri 6/26 -- Eureka, NV (78 mi)
Sat 6/27 -- Austin, NV (71 mi)
Sun 6/28-- I don't know

If all goes well, he should reach the Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday afternoon!

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