17 June 2009

More Brother Biking Info (because you can't get enough)

The most recent biking information from my brother (who should arrive in Utah at some point today).

Tues 6/9 -- Tribune, KS (47 mi)
Wed 6/10 -- Ordway, CO (119 mi)
Thu 6/11 -- Pueblo, CO (55 mi)
Fri 6/12 -- Pueblo (rest day; he saw Star Trek)
Sat 6/13 -- Howard, CO (94 mi)
Sun 6/14 -- Gunnison, CO (76 mi)
Mon 6/15 -- Placerville, CO (117 mi)
Tue 6/16 -- Dolores, CO (71 mi)

After the mountains, now the desert...

Check out his blog. I uploaded some nice pictures for him last night.


vince said...

I am amazed at what your brother has accomplished so far. I like to bike, but across the country? I couldn't do it.

neurondoc said...

He biked 126 miles in Utah yesterday...