01 June 2009

Brother Biking Update

Got a text from Daniel on Saturday night with more recent locations and mileage. He also sent me some photos to put on his blog, which I have done. TheHusband and I told my brother that we would drop everything or anything to come to his aid east of the Mississippi. Last night, we relinquished that responsibility to Donny, although in reality, I would still drop everything and run... That's what big sisters are for, right? TheHusband is considering meeting him somewhere in Kansas, just because.

Here is the full list of his stops and the mileage. Some of the mileage is exact (i.e., what his bike computer said), and some is estimated (i.e., from his map). I don't know exactly where he stayed last night, though. :-(

Tue, 5/12 -- Occoquan, VA (???)
Wed, 5/13 -- Fredericksburg, VA (55 mi)
Thu, 5/14 -- Powhatan, VA (93 mi)
Fri, 5/15 -- Charlottesville, VA (70 mi)
Sat, 5/16 -- Lexington, VA (88 mi)
Sun, 5/17 -- Catawba, VA (66 mi)
Mon, 5/18 -- Blacksburg, VA (25 mi)
Tue, 5/219 -- Blacksburg, VA (rest day)
Wed, 5/20 -- Sugar Grove, VA (91 mi)
Thu, 5/21 -- Council, VA (83 mi)
Fri, 5/22 -- Hindman, KY (96 mi)
Sat, 5/23 -- Booneville, KY (65 mi)
Sun, 5/24 -- Berea, KY (???)
Mon, 5/25 -- Bardstown KY (98.5 mi)
Tue, 5/26 -- Bardstown, KY (off)
Wed, 5/27 -- Falls of Rough, KY (93 mi)
Thu, 5/28 -- Sebree, KY (74 mi)
Fri, 5/29 -- Eddyville, IL (90 mi)
Sat, 5/30 -- Chester, IL (105 mi)
Sun, 5/31 -- Somewhere in MO (???)

I used Google Maps "Walking" directions option to generate the maps below, so they are not entirely accurate. However, they do show how freaking far he has gone... Click on each to enlarge.

Bethesda, MD to Blacksburg, VA

Blacksburg, VA to Bardstown, KY

Bardstown, KY to Chester, IL

The whole trip (so far) on a topographical map. Virginia is one hilly place.

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