13 June 2009

Husband's heart

Today my husband is wearing a t-shirt that says "My belongs to a Neurologist". I wonder who bought him that shirt.


TheHusband said...

Nina! (or perhaps Dr. M) :-0

Oh, I accidentally spilled some mustard on it already :-(

neurondoc said...


ExpatMom said...

I don't think I've ever seen Larry in a T-shirt.

TheHusband said...

So, just wanna see me in my t-shirt ay?

Does your other husband know about this?

ExpatMom said...

Well, I'm not telling if you aren't.

Tell my wife to come over and farm! Me crops are dying!

neurondoc said...

Sorry I couldn't farm. Too busy hanging at the pool. Now my arms are itching fit to have me scratch them off. Stupid sun allergy.

And TheHusband is now wearing said t-shirt under the usual plaid shirt, so you don't have to think I've gotten a new husband. Two are plenty (mine and yours). :-)

The mustard splot is large and in the middle of the (formerly) white t-shirt. MessyHusband.