20 June 2009

You know you live in the DC area when...

... a six year-old makes political statements at the dinner table.

TheHusband joined ThePinkThing and me for our weekly sushi jaunt last week. This is part of the conversation we had:

(President Obama was on the TV, and TPT pointed him out)
Neurondoc: ...And your mother also loves Obama. How cool is that?
TheHusband: Yup, she voted for him and all.
ND: So did my mom.
TPT (all of 6 years old and trying to figure out the US electoral process): Did Gramps and Eepa vote for Obama?
ND: No, they voted for McCain. So did Papa Tony.
TPT (in tones of absolute shock): Why?
ND: Because they thought he'd do a better job than Obama.
TPT (sounding very matter-of-fact): Not with that Sarah Palin around.

Clearly TPT's been listening to the conversations in our house, and it has been rubbing off on her. Good.


Tania said...

Smart kid. A good number of us in Alaska agree with her. ;)

Random Michelle K said...


Celeste Long said...

DC hasn't changed that much since I left 17 years ago. ;-) Smart girl TPT.

I'm glad to see she won't become one of our Sarah Palin clones.

WendyB_09 said...

You can never start them too young!