29 May 2009

Far away and with strong legs

My brother is now in another time zone. On Wednesday, he crossed into Central Time and, by the end of that day, he had biked 1,084 miles! Last night, he was in Sebree, KY, and he should make it to Illinois today. Next is Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nevada, and then California. I hope he can find some time to stop and smell the roses.

If you want to read his travelblog, which is updated when he finds a signal, mosey on over and visit him at Handlebar Confessional. You can even read his description of the scary giant bug story here.

Why, yes, I really don't have anything useful to say today. How did you guess?


TheHusband said...

I know your LOVE Utah must have blinded you to the fact that it STILL lies between Colorado and Nevada.

We should go on another trip there sometime!!!

neurondoc said...

I am not the geography nut in this relationship.