13 May 2009

This new fangled technology

An elderly German man got pissed at his neighbors for playing the same music over and over again. They kept doing it at odd hours and any time of the day or night. Finally, he reported the neighbors to the local police. When the police came to investigate, they found the cause in the man's own home. It was one of those musical greeting cards, which was sitting on his windowsill. Apparently, the sporadic winds would jiggle it, and it would start to play.

I hate those cards, but, of course, ThePinkThing loves them.

H/T to The Washington Post


mattw said...

I'm with you. I hate, hate, hate those cards. And it seems like more and more of the card aisle is taken up by them all the time.

vince said...

I love the cards myself. But then, I'm smart enough to put them in a safe place so they don't play all the time. Unless I want to annoy someone, that is.

It's like those musical dancing characters that appear most often around the various holidays. I have a bunch of those and I love them.